Super Syllent Series

Super Syllent Series

Our Super Syllent series of pumps is a new design, built for the high flow requirements of larger hydrotherapy systems. This series utilizes the same wet rotor technology used in all of our pumps. It’s also been optimized for peak performance, energy efficiency, and an even quieter experience.

Super Syllent Series

  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Increased performance for higher capacity systems
  • New Design with better value
  • Water cooled wet rotor technology helps to maintain water temperature without additional electrical circuitry
  • Standard plumbing architecture
  • Optional Air Switch
  • Built in dry run protection with integrated load sensing switch
  • Electrically isolated composite construction
  • 100% self draining

key features

Helps to keep the water temperature through heat exchange

Centrifugal motor pump, one speed, self-draining

Shielded with IP68 grade protection. Dust and water resistant

Electrically isolated

A syllent pump for any occasion

Flow Curves

Dimensional Features

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