Generation II Syllent Pump

Generation II Syllent Pump

Our second-generation pump improves upon our original design. With this pump, you can experience all of the benefits of the original in a smaller package to better fit in tight spaces. This pump has lower flow rates for small hydrotherapy systems, circulation systems in spas and other applications.

Generation II Syllent Pump

  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Water cooled wet rotor technology with heat exchange to maintain water temperature
  • Single phase motor with permanent capacitor
  • Built in dry run protection with integrated load sensing switch
  • Electrically isolated composite construction
  • Self draining

key features

Helps to keep the water temperature through heat exchange

Centrifugal motor pump, one speed, self-draining

Shielded with IP68 grade protection. Dust and water resistant

Electrically isolated

A syllent pump for any occasion

Flow Curves

Dimensional Features

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